Herbalife Reviews – Distributors, Products, and Nutrition Clubs

It’s no secret that a lot of people struggle to maintain a healthy weight. Herbalife Nutrition understands that. That’s why they promote a three-pronged approach to helping people lose weight and achieve wellness.

The three parts of the Herbalife program are the nutrition products, the distributor who acts as a one-on-one coach, and the worldwide network of supportive nutrition clubs.

The Herbalife Nutrition program has worked for millions of people all over the globe. Herbalife reviews feature testimonials from individuals who found success. Many had tried fad diets and aggressive fitness programs but found they weren’t sustainable.

Every individual is different, and every person needs individualized nutrition advice, motivation and support. Many have found those with Herbalife Nutrition.

The Herbalife Nutrition Distributor

For people interested in trying Herbalife products, the journey begins with a relationship with a distributor. Herbalife’s nutrition products are not sold in stores. Instead, they’re delivered through a distributor who also acts as the customer’s coach.

This distributor starts by conducting a personal wellness evaluation, asking questions so they can better understand the individual’s unique requirements. They’ll ask how much water the customer drinks and how well they sleep. They’ll inquire about short-term and long-term goals. They’ll discuss what’s been done in the past to lose weight and why it has or hasn’t worked. The distributor will assess customer readiness to start a new program.

The distributor will then select a program specifically customized to the individual’s nutritional requirements, wellness goals, and support needs. Because people change over time, the distributor monitors progress and makes adjustments as necessary. They help identify what triggers unhealthy behavior and work with the customer to replace old behaviors with new ones.

Herbalife Products and Meal Replacement Science

Herbalife is well known for their meal replacements shakes. There’s science behind these shakes that often favors them over traditional diets. Two characteristics are particularly significant.

  • Herbalife shakes have low glycemic index (GI), a measure of how quickly sugar levels spike. High GI foods make blood sugar spike and crash, leaving one tired and hungry. Low GI foods such as Herbalife shakes are slowly digested. They curb appetite and help people feel full.
  • The shakes have high nutritional density. That’s the ratio of nutrients to calories. The flagship Formula 1 meal replacement shake has 170 high-quality calories, 17-24 grams of protein, 9 grams of soy protein for heart health as well as fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. All of these nutrients come from natural carefully sourced ingredients.

The shakes come in several flavors, and depending on regional availability, may include warm shakes for cold climates, powdered milk shakes for countries with limited refrigeration, and also vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and kosher options.

Meal replacement shakes make it easier to stick to a program. They’re easy to make and you know exactly how many calories you’re getting.

Herbalife Nutrition Clubs

Every customer is encouraged to join a nutrition club where they learn from distributors and support each other in a community. Herbalife reviews cite two university studies that show club members report better perceived health, better sleep and less stress eating than others who don’t have this kind of social support.

Wellness for Herbalife Employees

Herbalife Nutrition believes that their health benefits aren’t just for customers; they’re for employees too. Since their founding in 1980, they’ve been committed to the wellbeing of their employees. This includes promoting a healthy lifestyle and a healthy working environment.

Based on testimonies, assessments and review websites such as Indeed and Glassdoor, employees are happy working at Herbalife. Herbalife encourages employees to share in the company’s philosophy of giving back through service projects and events. Herbalife takes a particular interest in initiatives to fight global hunger.

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