How to make T-Shirts using your Cricut Using Iron-On

During my tenure at LinkedIn, I’ve held a multitude of roles and responsibilities working.  Some are fairly public (as described on my own LinkedIn profile).  Others will be the the kind of that you’d never find formally discussed, and yet could be no less true should you asked anyone who worked at the company.

Offers high durability and vivid colours since it uses thicker inks than other methods

I pointed out that designing a t-shirt would have been a lot like painting on the blank canvas or drawing with a fresh small note. There are restrictions, because there are with any art medium, as well as the most part you have the freedom to do what you’d like. That enticed me. What I did not realize is that slapping some ink on the custom t shirts and blindly creating a beautiful website doesn’t mean a great business strategy plan and ongoing sales. It’s only fraction products it loved start and chance a t-shirt line.

I found another t-shirt that had a sketch from the monster in Stranger Things walking through Joy Division’s album artwork for Unknown Pleasures. This one’s just a little harder to land on. They’re clearly using concepts from other artists. But it does appear to be a novel idea to combine the two together.

Tees really are a different medium than print, so there are a number of technical considerations to keep in mind when you design your shirt.

No question, there are millions of graphic possibilities but discovering a creative vision that won’t get on someone else’s copyright for reasons unknown invokes a stride of creative block.

Now that tees are this kind of important garment, many guys are ditching your regular six-pack of undershirts for something nicer. The best modern T-shirts are produced with premium fabrics that stay comfortable all day, with flattering, stylish fits and features such as anti-stink technology. We can’t promise that you’ll look like Dean or Brando — however, you might think that them.


Maybe your intended recipients fall into both scenarios! If designing both needs, consider small left-chest logo for when facing a customer as well as a larger logo about the back. Sometimes it is smart to print “STAFF” or even the company or event name for the back in the tee.

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